The Hotel Melissa

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Welcome to Melissa Hotel.

Melissa Hotel, a mere 30 minutes’ drive from Athens and downtown Corinth is an ideal choice for merchants, sales representatives, company executives and employees and offers its guests 2* services. Furthermore, Melissa hotel’s advantageous location for the Museum and Eleusis archaeological site facilitates tourists visiting the area throughout the year.

Since it started operating in 1948, Melissa Hotel has hosted more than 400,000 visitors from around the world. Initially it was called «Tachydromos» (Postman, in Greek) but later changed its name to Melissa (Bee, in Greek), due to the numerous hives in its back yard. In 1996 the hotel expanded into a second wing, which still hosts its guests.

Address: 21 Persefonis Str., 19200, Elefsina - Greece
Phone & Fax: 210 5546547
Europa ΕΣΠΑ 2007 -2013
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